Esop-Brief Life Sketch


Esop-Brief Life Sketch


Esop-Brief Life Sketch

Esop-Brief Life Sketch

Esop (Aesop) was an ancient Greek storyteller. Nothing is known for certain about his life. Many speculate that he was born into a poor Greek family about 620 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. According to some scholars, Esop was a black man born in Ethiopia, Africa.

From a young age, Aesop could make tales of his own. Wherever he went, he could win the hearts of people by telling his stories. His tales are humorous but full of moral lessons. He was ugly to look at but as a man, he was very wise. He was a keen observer of human behaviour and concocted fine tales on human faults. Of course, Esop did not want to offend the audience in the face, so he took animals and birds as the characters of his stories. His stories had been handed down orally from generation to generation, but after four hundred years of his death, his stories were compiled in writing form. His stories have now been translated into many languages of the world. 0 0 0

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