Earthquake-An Essay


Earthquake-An Essay

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Earthquake-An Essay


Earthquake-An Essay

An earthquake is a sudden shaking of the ground, typically causing destruction as a result of movement within the earth’s crust. It is an untrollable enemy of mankind. We cannot know beforehand when it will happen.

From time to time, there were terrible earthquakes in different countries, which caused heavy destruction to human society. A terrible earthquake struck India in 1897 and it greatly affected Assam. A terrible earthquake struck Japan in 1923 and killed about twenty-two thousand people. A devastating earthquake struck Bihar, India in 1934, which changed the map of the state.

Assam faced a heavy earthquake on August 15, 1950, at seven-thirty in the evening. On that day when the people of India were celebrating Independence Day, this natural disaster occurred in Assam. The shaking was very violent. It became very difficult for a man to keep standing. People tried to run here and there for safety. Houses fell down, trees were uprooted. There were severe cracks here and there and some rivers dried up. Landslides occurred in the hills. Large-scale land eroded and as a result, rivers were blocked.

The earthquake caused major flooding. When the river embankments broke down, the water came running fiercely. There was a big flood. Many villages were washed away. The grounds, gardens, and houses all went underwater. Parts of the motor road were cut off. The colour of the river changed and smelled terrible. Lots of fish died. Animals and wooden logs floated in the Brahmaputra. Many died, and paddy fields were destroyed. The property was lost. About two million people were affected and nearly three thousand people died. The face of Assam was changed. The suffering of the people knew no bounds.

Army and Assam Police provided all help to the homeless. The Air Force dropped bags of rice and flour into the severed areas. Students of Assam Medical College and some voluntary relief committees from all parts of India rendered humanitarian services to the affected people. People from all parts of the world helped people suffering from money, medicine and other things.

Earthquake is always terrible and undesirable. But, being it a natural phenomenon, we have no control over it. Hope that in the future man would be able to control it. 0 0 0

Earthquake-An Essay

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Earthquake-An Essay

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Earthquake-An Essay

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