Computer | Computer Essay


Computer | Computer Essay


Computer Essay

Computer Essay

Computer | Computer Essay

Introduction: The computer is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern Science. First, it was called the ‘Counting machine’ as initially it was made for performing the task of counting things rapidly. But with the passing of days, its scope of functioning has got increased beyond imagination.

Its Origin: The computer is not an invention of any single person. Many scientists have contributed to the evolution of the computer. But Charles Babbage is called to be the father of the modern computer as he initiated its evolution with rapid success.

Its Functions: The computer is said to be the alternative to the human mind. Through it, we can make a rapid solution to any numerical problems.  But the only difference between the human mind and the computer is that it cannot think fundamentally as a man does. Its function is limited only to the data and information put into it by man.

Nowadays the scope of its function is so much increased that with the help of a computer we can do almost everything in our everyday work. It is used in banks, industries, shops, stations, and even in the bathroom to perform respective works as it is suggested. In the field of education, medical treatment, controlling vehicles and even sending rockets into space computer is used. In brief, to say, the modern age is the age of computers.

Conclusion: The computer is a very useful thing in this modern age of Science. Let the computer be used for the benefit of human beings. 0 0 0

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