Christson Munda-Brief Life Sketch


Christson Munda-Brief Life Sketch

Christson Munda-Brief Life Sketchda

Christson Munda-Brief Life Sketch

Christson Munda was a revolutionary labour-leader of the tribal people of Assam. 

He was born in Phulbari Tea Garden near Tezpur. During the Indian War of Independence against the British, Christson Munda formed a peasant and labour revolt in the Phulbari Tea Garden in 1910-1916. For this, he was imprisoned and convicted by the British and in 1916 Christson Munda was hanged in a public place in Phulbari Tea Garden so that no worker would dare to revolt against the British government again. However, after this incident, the independence movement spread in the tea gardens and militant movements took place in the tea gardens like Chanajuli, Kachari village, etc. In addition to Christson Munda, many tribals including Malati Orang, Dayal Panika, Bankudu Chawra were martyred in the independence movement. 0 0 0


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