Chennai: The Soul of India


Chennai: The Soul of India

Chennai The Soul of India

Chennai The Soul of India

Chennai: The Soul of India

South India is known for its music, art and rich literature. Madras or Chennai can be called the cultural capital and soul of Mother India. The city is built in stark contrast to the terrifying high-rise structures of Mumbai and Kolkata. It has vast open space and ample greenery. The majestic Giant Mount Road looks like a wide and deep river. Take a stroll on Marina Beach in the evening to refresh your face with the glow of the sea. The wind cools the body, refreshes the mind, sharpens the tongue and brightens the intellect.

One can never feel dull in Chennai. The intellectual and cultural life of the city is amazing. Every street corner in Chennai has a literary forum, a debating society and a music, dance and drama club. The wise argument, dazzling wit and sharp irony enliven the meetings, both political and literary, a young men’s association that attracts brilliant speakers and equally brilliant listeners to its meetings. It’s a great experience to watch speakers use their eloquent arms. Chennai’s speakers are overall suave and urban, though of the aggressive, fire-eating variety often seen in political campaigning. The urbane speaker slowly weaves his arguments as a soothing Carnatic tune wail.

Music concerts and dance performances attract packed houses. There is hardly any cultural family in Chennai who does not learn and patronize music and dance in its pristine purity. The ‘Kala Kshetra’ of Rukmani Devi Arundel is a famous international centre. It has brought out hundreds of eminent maestros and dancers who have brought name and glory to our country. Carnatic music has its own charm. It has the soft beauty of the moon and the soft movement of the stars. Thousands of people flock to the ‘grounds’ of the temple to get swayed by the melodious tunes of their favorite singers. They sit outside all night in the scorching heat, swaying to the beats of the ‘Nadhaswaram’ and lounging to the measured beats of the ‘Mridangam’. Ms. Subbulakshmi is considered the Nightingale of the South.

Gods can descend from heaven to see South Indian girls dancing. There are many varieties of South Indian dance – Bharatnatyam, Mohiniattam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, etc. Age can neither fade away nor customs can stop its beautiful diversity. Bharatanatyam is the most graceful and enchanting dance, while Kathakali is the most masculine. South Indian dances combine sensuality with chastity. Here, every muscle and fiber of the body vibrates to life, and as the movement progresses, a divine flame-like ecstasy appears in the body as if it is invading heaven.

South Indian dress, especially that of men, is purely simple. There you can’t tell a judge from an ‘orderly’ by their dress. South Indian women also look charming and beautiful in their colorful Kanjeevaram and Mysore silk sarees.

South Indian dishes, especially ‘Dosa’, ‘Idli’ and ‘Vada’ are very tasty to eat. One can enjoy them almost everywhere in India as well as in some foreign countries. Madras ‘idli’, which was a favorite of Gandhiji, is served with ‘sambar’ and ‘coconut chutney’. 0 0 0.

Chennai The Soul of India

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