Positive Thought, Patience and Perseverance


Positive Thought, Patience and Perseverance

Positive Thought, Patience and Perseverance

Positive Thought, Patience and Perseverance

Positive Thought, Patience and Perseverance

Have you ever failed so badly at something that it was the last thing on your mind to think of doing it again?

If your answer is yes then you should understand that you are not a robot. Unlike robots, we humans have feelings, emotions and dreams. We are all built to grow despite our circumstances and limitations. When life follows our path, it feels great to thrive and try to make our dreams come true. But what happens when it doesn’t? What happens when you fail in spite of all your hard work? Do you stay down and give up or do you get back up again? If you are willing to persevere and keep going, you have what experts call ‘grit’.

Falling or failing is one of the most painful, embarrassing and terrifying human experiences. But it is one of the most educational, empowering and essential parts of living a successful and fulfilling life. Do you know that persistence (patience) is one of the seven virtues that have been described in society as keys to personal success and well-being? The other six are curiosity, gratitude, optimism, self-control, social intelligence, and enthusiasm. Thomas Edison is an example of patience for trying over 1,000 times to invent the light bulb. If you are reading this with the lights on in your room, you will realize the importance of his success. When asked why he kept going despite hundreds of failures, he only said that they were not failures, they were hundreds of attempts toward making the light bulb. This statement not only shows his patience but also his optimism to see the bright side.

Patience can be learned to help you become more successful. One of the techniques that can help is mindfulness. Mindfulness is a practice that helps a person stay in the moment by bringing awareness to their experience without judgment. This practice has been used to silence the noise of fear and doubt. Through this simple practice of mindfulness, individuals have the ability to stop the self-destructive spiral of hopelessness, despair, and frustration.

What have you done to overcome negative and self-destructive feelings of failure? Reflect on what you did, and try to use those same powerful resources to help you today. 0 0 0.

Positive Thought, Patience and Perseverance

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