Bhimbar Deori-Brief Life Sketch


Bhimbar Deori-Brief Life Sketch

Bhimbar Deori-Brief Life Sketch

Bhimbar Deori

Bhimbar Deori-Brief Life Sketch

Bhimbar Deori was a social activist, reformer, cultural coordinator, influential politician and thinker.

Bhimbar Deori was born on May 16, 1903, in Shivsagar district. His father’s name was Gadram (Gadara) Deuri. His mother’s name was Bajati Deuri (Bajang) Deuri.

He started his education at Bargaon Primary School. He was a brilliant student and earned a scholarship of four rupees per month. In 1925, he passed the entrance examination from Shivsagar Government High School with letter marks in five subjects. He was later admitted to Cotton College and passed I A in 1927 in the first division. He graduated from the same college in 1929 with a second class in Economics. In 1931, he passed the law examination from Calcutta. At the same time, he was studying in the postgraduate class at Presidency College but returned to Assam without completing his education. In 1932, he passed the Assam Civil Service Examination, although he went on to practice law independently. The advocacy business opened up the public life of Bhimbar.

In 1933, the Assam Backward Plains Tribal League was convened by Bhimbar Deuri to unite the underprivileged people of Assam. The Assam Backward Plains Tribal League was born in Raha, Nagaon. In 1935, on the demand of the Tribal League led by Bhimbar Deuri, 10 seats out of a total of 108 seats in the Assam Legislative Assembly were reserved for the Vyam-Janajatis of the backward class. In 1939, the Governor of Assam nominated Bhimbar Deuri as a member of the Upper Council, i.e. the Legislative Council of Assam.

He married Kamalvati Brahma, daughter of Minister Roop Nath Brahma, on February 16, 1940, in the village of Bansbari in Kokrajhar. 

From 1933 to 1947, Bhimbar Deori was involved in the development of the tribal people. He took an active part in decentralization, protection of natural resources, protection of backward castes, greater decentralization of power from the centre to the states, autonomy, formation of legislative councils, and in the establishment of self-governing bodies.

He passed away on November 30, 1947, at the age of 44. 0 0 0


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