Bargaram Deori-Brief Life Sketch


Bargaram Deori-Brief Life Sketch


Bargaram Deori-Brief Life Sketch

Bargaram Deori

Bargaram Deori-Brief Life Sketch

Bargaram Deori was a prominent social worker, educator and politician from the Deuri community of Assam. He was born on 1 August 1938 in the village of Bahgarh Deuri in the Bihpuria mouza of the Laximpur district. After completing his primary education in his hometown, he passed the matriculation examination in 1959 from Laximpur High School. He later graduated from Jorhat Jagannath Baruah College. Then he enrolled at the University of Guwahati in Botany and at the same time he studied law. After this, he passed M Sc and L L B. He also studied Homoeopathy at the University of Punjab, where he earned a degree with a Gold Medal.

While studying at Guwahati University, Bargaram Deuri taught at Kamrup Academy School. He started his career as a lawyer by joining the Lakshimpur Bar in 1971. For some time he also worked as a professor at Manipur College.  

In 1978, he was elected as a councilor from Bangalmara village panchayat. In 1983, he was elected to the Assam Legislative Assembly for the first time from the Bihpuriya constituency. 

Deori’s contribution to the recognition of the Deori language as a language and the provision of a Deuri Autonomous Council for the political and socio-economic development of the Deuri community is noteworthy. 

He died of a heart attack in Guwahati in 2004.  0 0 0


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