Balinarayan Bora-Brief Life Sketch


Balinarayan Bora-Brief Life Sketch

Balinarayan Bora-Brief Life Sketch

Balinarayan Bora

Balinarayan Bora-Brief Life Sketch

Balinarayan Bora (1852-1927) was an Assamese engineer and writer. He was born in North Guwahati. His father’s name was Datta Narayan Bora. He passed the entrance examination from the Guwahati Seminary in 1868.  Then he passed F A and went to London with a Gilchrist Scholarship. He graduated from Cooper Hill College with a degree in Civil Engineering and returned home. He later served as an Engineer in Bengal, Nagaon, Shivsagar and other places. He retired as a Superintendent Engineer in 1907.

While working in Nagaon, he began to publish a paper called ‘Mau’. The paper ceases to be published after its fourth issue. He authored several books in Assamese and English. One of his notable books in English is ‘A Geography of India’. His Assamese books are: ‘Bharatbarshar Burunji’ and ‘Asomiya Pravachana.’ 0 0 0

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