Arjun-Brief Life Sketch


Arjun-Brief Life Sketch


Arjun-Brief Life Sketch


Arjun-Brief Life Sketch

Arjun is a character in the Mahabharata, a Sanskrit epic by Byashdev. According to the epic, he was born in the womb of Kunti by Indra (sun god). Arjuna’s earthly father was Pandu. Arjuna learned archery from Dronacharya and became one of the world’s most skilled and accurate archers. He married Droupadi a daughter of king Dropada, Ulupi the daughter of Naga, Chitrangada the princess of Manipur and Subhadra the sister of Lord Krishna. Arjuna received ‘Brahmashara’ from Dronacharya, visual knowledge from Gandharvaraja Angarparna, Gandhiva Dhanu from Agnidevata and Pasupata weapon from Mahadev. After the Battle of Kurukshetra, he travelled to Pragjyotishpur, Manipur and other places of Nort India on Yudhisthira’s Ashwamedha Yajna horse. He is known by many names such as: Dhananjay, Sabyasachi, Gurakesh, Jishnu etc. 0 0 0


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