Ambikagiri Raychowdhury-Brief Life Sketch


Ambikagiri Raychowdhury-Brief Life Sketch

Ambikagiri Raychowdhury-Brief Life Sketch

Ambikagiri Raychowdhury-Brief Life Sketch

Ambikagiri Raychowdhury (1885-1967) was an Assamese poet, lyricist, playwright, essayist, journalist and freedom fighter. He was born in the famous Raychowdhury family of Barpeta, Assam. Patriotism and mystic love are two salient themes of his poetry. The language and rhythm of his poems have their own power and vigour. His published books of poetry are – Veena, Tumi, Anubhuti, Bednaar Ulka, Bando Ki Chandere and Chetnar Kantha (book of song). Ambikagiri Raychowdhur also edited two magazines ‘Chetna’ and ‘Deka Assam’.

In the world of Assamese literature, Ambikagiri Raychowdhury is known as ‘Assam Keshari’ (Lion of Assam). He was the President of the 21st Assam Sahitya Sabha Session. He was posthumously awarded the ‘Sahitya Akademi Award’ for his book of poetry titled ‘Bednaar Ulka’.

He died in 1967. 0 0 0


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