Al-Akhtal: His Life and Poetic Career


Al-Akhtal: His Life and Poetic Career

Al-Akhtal His Life and Poetic Career

Al-Akhtal His Life and Poetic Career

Al-Akhtal: His Life and Poetic Career

Al-Akhtal: His Life

Al-Akhtal was an Arabic poet of the 7th century. He was born either at Hira or near Rosafa. His date of birth is not known for certain but it is guessed that he might have been born around 640 A. D. in a Christian family. He remained a Christian throughout his life. Some members of the Ummayad Period tried to convert him to Islam but failed. He was a man of loose morality. He used to spend his hours in the taverns with the singing girls. He was a heavy drunkard also. He forsook his first wife and married a divorced woman.

All through his life, Al-Akhtal enjoyed the favour of the Ummayad sovereigns. During the reign of Muwawiya, he was embroiled in political affairs. He was a close companion of Yazid I and composed poems praising him. He died in 715 A. D. in his own house.

Al-Akhtal: His Poetic Career

He was one of the three great poets of the Ummayad Period. His opponent two poets were Zarir and Farazdak. Akhtal wrote poetry in praise of wine. His poetry may be divided into two classes as – satire and eulogy. He wrote satire ridiculing and insulting his opponents and against the opponents of the Ummayads. In his eulogies, he glorified the Ummayads. Though he belonged to the Islamic period yet he was pre-Islamic in his thought and outlook.  He imitated his contemporary poet Asha and derived inspiration from his poetry. His style and language were superior to that of his other contemporary poets. He also composed some love poems in which he praised his beloved and his tribe. As a poet, he was so reputed that once a procession was set out in praise of him under royal patronage. 0 0 0.

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