Aeroplane-An Essay


Aeroplane-An Essay

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Aeroplane-An Essay


Aeroplane-An Essay

Introduction: An aeroplane is a vehicle that flies into the air. It is the fastest means of popular communication invented by science.  

Description: From the earliest times men have tried to fly above the earth. We have read in the Purans that our forefathers travelled in chariots.  Before aeroplanes, balloons and zeppelins were invented to fly in the air.

The aeroplane was first invented in America by two Wright Brothers: Orville Wright and Wilber Wright. The Airplanes appear like birds flying in the air. The pilot directs the machine. At the head of the machine, there is a thing as an electric fan. This is called a propeller. The aeroplane can fly due to a propeller. The propeller moves very rapidly in the air and produces loud noises. In front of an aeroplane, there is room for pilots and passengers.

Kind: There are different kinds of aeroplanes. Some are called monoplanes and some are biplanes. Monoplanes have one pair of wings and biplanes have two pairs of wings. The seaplane can fly in the air and can also go over the ocean. Two types of aircraft are used in warfare. The bomber aircraft is larger and can carry more weight. Fighter aircraft are lighter and can move more quickly.

Utility: Presently, the aeroplane has made a lot of progress. We travel some hundred miles by aeroplane within an hour. The aeroplane takes mail and passengers from one place to another in a very short time. Aeroplanes are used in warfare. It carries war material, drops bombs and watches the movement of enemies. Aeroplanes are also useful for the purpose of commerce.

Conclusion: The aeroplane is a wonderful invention of science no doubt, but travelling by it is so costly for the common people. To make aeroplanes popular, travelling by them must be cheap and secure. 0 0 0

Aeroplane-An Essay

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Aeroplane-An Essay

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Aeroplane-An Essay

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