A Pedestrian and the Girl in Race


A Pedestrian and the Girl in Race

—M. Menonimus

A Pedestrian and the Girl in Race

A Pedestrian and the Girl in Race

A Pedestrian and the Girl in Race

A pedestrian is walking ahead through the hilly gorge. His head is bent toward his front. He carries a wallet on his back. Where he is going none knows. But his gait of walking indicates that he would go up the town that lies on the top of the hill. 

The time is late at noon. The sun is shining dimly. The hill is craggy. The plane trees are growing exuberantly here and there. The season is winter. The gorge is roundabout. Suddenly he faced a girl who is running down the hill. It seems that she is running for a long while. She looked tired, yet she is running downwards. A young boy of about twenty is chasing after her. 

The pedestrian questions himself, “Why is the girl running? Why is the boy chasing after her? What is the relation between the two? Are they not brother and sister?”

Then he turns his eyes towards his back and sees that the girl is still running down. Then he begins to think over it again. Maybe the girl is the boy’s younger sister and the girl for playing a truant from school, her brother is chasing after her either to chide or to beat her. Maybe, the girl is an orphan working in a bar and for being negligent in her duty, the host in anger runs after her to teach her a lesson. Or maybe the girl, being born a bastard, is forsaken by her mother and in extreme hunger, she has stolen a loaf from a household and hence she has been chased after. The piece of cloth that the girl is wearing bears the testimony that she is so. Or they may be in a race competition organized by a voluntary organization. Or it may be that they are practising the art of running through the hilly gorge. Perhaps the girl being wearied of the town life has been coming down the plain in order to get some comfort and the boy is sent by her parents to take her back home. Or maybe the boy proposed to her to sleep and spend the night with him and the girl is reluctant and hence she is being chased.

Then the pedestrian takes pauses for a while and again takes to thinking about the girl. He thinks if the foot of the girl gets slipped down and gets her foot broken- then what would happen to her? Who would take care of her? Or if the girl is tired of running who will comfort her?  Or if the girl becomes thirsty who will provide her with a glass of cold water?

The pedestrian becomes tired of thinking about the girl. He falls into a dilemma- what may be the right cause of the girl’s running and the boy’s chasing after the girl? What may be the right cause?

The pedestrian sits down under a huge plane tree. The sun is falling down. The cold wind is being blown cutting the flesh like a knife. The pedestrian thinks that he would cease to think about her and closes his eyes to refresh his mind. 

Then again a series of anxiety rounding the running of the girl occurs to his mind. Now he begins to be sweating from being too much anxious and curious to search out the truth.

The sun sets down the ditch beyond the hill. Suddenly a shower of angry clouds begins to rain heavily. The pedestrian again looks at his back but neither the girl nor the boy is seen. They have gone out of his span of sight. 0 0 0


A Pedestrian and the Girl in Race

N.B.  The short story ‘A Pedestrian and the Girl in Race’ originally belongs to the book ‘The Prostitute and Other Stories‘ by Menonim Menonimus.

A Pedestrian and the Girl in Race

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