Zeugma | Zeugma Meaning, Definition, Illustration


Zeugma | Zeugma Meaning, Definition, Illustration

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Zeugma Meaning

Zeugma, Zeugma Meaning, Definition, Illustration

Zeugma | Zeugma Meaning, Definition, Illustration

Zeugma is a Greek word and it means ‘yoke’. In this figure of speech, a verb or an adjective does duty on two nouns to one of which it is strictly applicable, while the word appropriate to the other is not used. This figure of speech intends to produce a humorous effect. Example:

He killed the boys and the luggage.

Here the verb ‘kill’ governs ‘boys’ and luggage’ though it is strictly applicable to ‘boys’ only. The word appropriate to ‘luggage’ is ‘destroyed’ but it is not used.

More examples”

  1. The ‘moment’ and the ‘vessel’ passed. –Tennyson.
  2. The ‘feast’ and ‘noon’ grew high. – Milton.
  3. They left the place with weeping ‘eyes’ and ‘heart’.
  4. They covered themselves with ‘dust’ and ‘glory’.
  5. He opened his ‘mind’ and ‘wallet’ every time he went out with his wife. 0 0 0.

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