Town Life and Village Life | Essay


Town Life and Village Life

Town Life and Village Life

Town Life and Village Life

Town Life and Village Life

Introduction: Proverb says, ‘God created the country and man made the city’.  There are many cities in the world no doubt but the number of villages is more than cities. Both, town life and city life have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantages of Town Life: In a city, we can live a more comfortable life than we can in a village. We can have a good education in a town. The town has schools, colleges and public libraries. There are many doctors and hospitals. The roads are good and there are good facilities for communication. In the city, we can get pure water supplied by the municipal authority. There are post and telegraph offices at our convenience. We can get daily newspapers easily and promptly. Our lives and property are safe in the city. There are theatres, cinemas and other means of entertainment. We can get all kinds of necessary things at our demand.

Disadvantages of Town Life: There are some disadvantages to town life. The city is full of dust and smoke. We cannot get pure air, green vegetables and fresh things in the city. Natural beauty is unknown to city life.  The city is full of noise and the houses are very close to each other. City life is very expensive and it is not safe for people to walk on the streets comfortably.

The Advantages of Country Life: Country life is peaceful. In the village, we can enjoy the beauties of nature.  We get pure air, fresh food and uncorrupted things at affordable prices.

In the villages, almost all the necessary things are produced by the villagers and they do not have to depend on others. There is great cooperation among the village people. The people of the country help each other in times of need.

The disadvantages of Country life: In the country, we cannot have everything even if we have money. Villages are backward in terms of education and cleanliness. There are very few doctors in the villages. Life and property are not secure in a village as there is no police station at our easy reach. The communication system is also poor. Ignorance, prejudice and narrowness of mind are common characteristics of country life.

Conclusion: Though both, town life and village life, have their respective advantages and disadvantage, yet it can not be denied that village life is more peaceful and less artificial than town life.  0 0 0

Town Life and Village Life

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Town Life and Village Life

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Town Life and Village Life

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