The Love of John Osborne


The Love of John Osborne

(The Love Story of John Osborne)


The Love of John Osborne

John Osborn

The Love of John Osborne

John Osborne was a popular major dramatist of 20th century England. Besides being a dramatist, he was a skilled actor and filmmaker. He gave rise to a new genre of drama which may be called the “Drama of Feeling”. Though he achieved great popularity as a dramatist of his age, as a lover of women he was opposite to his career. His love for a woman was carnal. He fell in love with several women and thus he proved himself as a fickle lover of the opposite sex. He thought women to be objects of enjoyment. He married four women one by one and lived an unhappy married life till the end of his life.

He was born in 1929 in a suburb of London. His father, Thomas Godfrey Osborne was a commercial artist and copywriter. His mother Nellie Beatrice was a bar-maid. He lost his father when he was hardly twelve years of age. He spent much of his childhood in London with his mother. He took education at Belmont College, but as a student, he was not so good and smart. He, instead of studying his curriculum, spent his hours studying literary books and pursuing the beautiful schoolgirls. He made an end to his school education in 1946.

After he had left institutional education, he entered the Empire Theatre, as an actor. Soon he became an actor-manager and managed the staging of plays at various places. In 1950, he wrote out his first play in collaboration with Stella Linder. As an actor, and then actor-manager he had come into contact with many actresses and with some of them, he established sexual relationships. Eventually, a serious relationship developed with an attractive actor at his theatre party and married her. Her name was Miss Pamela Elizabeth Lane. With her, the married life of John Osborne began in 1950. But with the passing of days, he began to feel annoyed with her. A fickle sexual relationship with any woman before marriage mars the long pleasure of married life. So happened to John Osborne. Besides his wife, he often ran after other women and as a result, their married life became unhappier and at last, in 1957 his marriage with Pamela Elizabeth Lane dissolved.

After the dissolution of his first marriage, he fell in love with another actress named Miss Mary Ure. She was highly charming, lively and amiable. She showed vehement love to Osborne and at last, he married her after only three months after the dissolution of his first marriage. But with the passing of hours, the same negligence to his wife arose in his heart. He could not stick at her. An amorous-licentious man can never stick to a single partner. Osborne became so and so was Mary Ure. She, before entering into a marriage bond with John Osborne, had sexual relationships with several actors and hence she also could not stick to her husband and as a matter of fact, their marriage bond came to an end after living only six years together.

Already John Osborne had written a good deal of plays and established himself as a major dramatist. He had earned many rewards, honours and fame as an outstanding popular dramatist of England. So many well-known critics and literary men and women came into his contact. He preferred friendship with women to men. One day in 1963 he was introduced to Miss Penelope Gilliatt, a critic and journalist. Their introduction developed into a friendship and from friendship to love. Eventually, they were married in 1963. She gave birth to a child by him. But those who cannot be happy with their first wife can hardly be happy with no wife. John Osborne proved this well. Day by day he grew dissatisfied with Gilliatt and at last, he divorced her in 1967 after only four years of their marriage.

In the same year, he married another woman by the name of Jell Bennett and tried his best to be happy with her. But a yoked horse can never fill up his hungry tummy. So was seemed to Osborne. 

In many of his plays, he portrayed his unhappy affairs of married life allegorically. His famous play ‘Look Back in Anger’ is a play that has borne the stamp of his unhappy married life. The main character Jim Porter is no other than the dramatist himself. Jim Porter married Alison. He suffered an unhappy married life like the dramatist. Alison was, allegorically, the portrayal of Pamela Elizabeth Lane, the first wife of Osborne. 0 0 0

John Osborne

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John Osborne

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