The Game I Like Most-A Paragraph


The Game I Like Most-A Paragraph

The Game I Like Most- A Paragraph

The Game I Like Most

The Game I Like Most-A Paragraph

The game I like most is football. It is a game that is played by kicking a ball with feet. There are a number of references to traditional ball games played in different parts of the world. But it is said that the modern football game is the gift of England. In 1888 the Football League was founded in England for the first time which contributed much to the spread and popularity of the game. During the twentieth century, several various kinds of football grew to become popular team sports in the world. In a football game, there are two teams each containing eleven players. I like football games mostly because it is a very exciting one. Playing of it is good physical exercise. The players have to run from here to there on the field by kicking the ball. Each team struggles to goad the ball to the goal point of the opposite team. It is a game that needs skill and speed of physical movement. The length of a football field is 90 metres to 120 meters and the width is from 45 meters to 90 meters, the height of the goalpost is 2.44 metres. 0 0 0

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