Self-help | Essay


Self-help | Essay

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Self-help - An Essay


Self-help | Essay

Introduction: ‘Self-help’ means the use of one’s own effort and resources to achieve something without relying on others. It is a habit of standing on one’s own feet. Self-help is a great virtue.

Utility: God has given us strength and intelligence. The Bible inculcates us to earn our bread with the sweat on our forehead. It is our duty to do our own work and not depend on others for help. We should try to stand on our own feet. Self-help gives us strength, self-respect, and satisfaction. A man who does his work himself can be successful. They are not afraid of difficulties. The lives of great men tell us that they all depend on their abilities. No work is good until we do it ourselves. There is nothing sweeter than what we earn from the sweat of our foreheads.

Want of Self-help: Every man should bear his own burden. Relying on another is a curse. Self-help strengthens our character, while help from outside weakens us. There are some weak-minded people who cannot do any work without the help of others. They do not exercise their power. They depend on others for the tasks they can do themselves. These men can never do a big job. They have no strength of mind. They become dormant and servile. Their lives become useless.

Self-help Student Life: The habit of self-help should be acquired in childhood. Children should learn to do their own work. Without self-help, no man, no nation can be elevated in the world. Students who are always dependent on others suffer for a long time. We feel proud and happy doing our work ourselves. It may be difficult work, yet at first, we should try to do it ourselves.

If we try our best to do something, the world will help us. Self-help leads to success in life. It makes our minds and character strong and bold. Therefore we should depend on our right hand. ‘Self-help is the best help’.

Conclusion: We should remember always that self-help is the best help and the right key to success in life. 0 0 0

Self-help | Essay

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Self-help | Essay

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Self-help | Essay

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