Ram Sharma In Memory of Swami Vivekananda | A Critical Analysis


Ram Sharma In Memory of Swami Vivekananda | A Critical Analysis

Ram Sharma In Memory of Swami Vivekananda | A Critical Analysisda’

Ram Sharma In Memory of Swami Vivekananda | A Critical Analysis

‘In Memory of Swami Vivekananda’ by Ram Sharma is a poem in which the poet expresses his devotion and praise to Swami Vivekananda who was a Hindu sage, poet, and preacher of Hinduism both in India and abroad. The poem is elegiac in tone and written in simple language.

The poet says that Vivekananda died in the middle age of his life while he got maturity in wisdom. By means of his piety and spiritual teaching, he became the pride of India. But he is no more. He is dead and his pious soul has gone to heaven. He earned spiritual knowledge and got wisdom by studying ‘The Bhagavata Gita’ and other Hindu scriptures, and he preached the teachings of the scriptures both in India and abroad. His soul was most pious which shone like a star and it enlightened both the East and West. Wherever he went he was greeted with honour by all. His life on the earth was brief, only forty-two years. But this brief life was full of noble deeds. While he was dying, he heard a voice from God that he would meet God in heaven. In the words of the poet:

”– Well done!

Here in Elysium realise, my son;

The vision of the glorious Infinite!”

At last, the poet blesses the soul of Vivekananda and asks the countrymen to weep on Vivekananda’s death.

The poem shows the poet’s love and devotion to Vivekananda for his spiritual enlightenment. His love is sincere and without flattery. The language of the poem is very simple. It bears two imageries, as:

(i) In flower of life, when full of fragrance sweet.

(ii) His soul was one of rarest grace, and like a star, it shone.  0 0 0

Ram Sharma In Memory of Swami Vivekananda | A Critical Analysis

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