Kirat Shourya Badoucha-Brief Life Sketch


Kirat Shourya Badoucha-Brief Life Sketch

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Kirat Shourya Badoucha-Brief Life Sketch

Kirat Shourya Badoucha

Kirat Shourya Badoucha-Brief Life Sketch

Kirat Shourya Badoucha was the last king of the Marans. When Chaulung Chukafa entered Assam in 1226 AD, there was a prosperous Maran kingdom in the area between Buri Dihing in the north, Dichang in the south, Chafrai in the east and Brahmaputra River in the west. The present-day Shivsagar district and a part of the Dibrugarh district were under the state of the Marans. The kingdom of Maran was bordered by the Barahi kingdom and in other regions besides the kingdoms of Chutia, Kashari and Bhuyan, all the primitive tribes of Pahar-Vayam had their own territories. There is no evidence of any kind of envy, strife, war, etc. among the peoples of those ancient kingdoms.

With the desire of establishing a kingdom, Chaulung Chukapha first met the Marans. The hospitable Badaucha welcomed Chukafar and his people. With the permission of King Badaucha, Chukafa and his followers lived in harmony with the primitive Maran, Barahi, Chutiya and Kachari communities for a long time and became an integral part of the indigenous societies. Later on, Sukapha and his people married local women and became friendly with the local tribes.

Badaucha, who had no boy child, gave one of his daughters in marriage to Sukapha. In his old age, Badaucha handed over his kingdom to his son-in-law (Chukafa). After an understanding, the kingdom of Barahi was also annexed to the kingdom of Chukafa. On the advice of Badaucha and Barahi king Thakumatha, Chukafa made his capital at Charaideo and formed a kingdom called Assam.

In this way, Chukafa sowed the seeds of a greater Assam and greater Assamese nation. But today’s Assamese people are not aware of the huge contribution of Chukafar to such great work. We can say for sure that if Chaulung Chukafa is called the ‘father’ of the Assamese nation, then Kirat Shourya Badoucha should be called the ‘grandfather’ of the nation. 0 0 0


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