Pankaj Dutt-Brief Life Sketch


Pankaj Dutt-Brief Life Sketch

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Pankaj Dutt-Brief Life Sketch

Pankaj Dutt

Pankaj Dutt-Brief Life Sketch 

Pankaj Dutt is an Assamese teacher and writer. He was born in Haribhanga village in the Nalbari district. After completing his schooling in a local school, he went to Guwahati for higher studies and passed B Sc with honours in Physics from Arya Vidyapith College, Guwahati. Pankaj Dutta is involved in composing and editing school books. He is an accomplished teacher and is closely associated with the National Children’s Science Festival. Under the tutelage of Pankaj Dutt, many science models, science tests and science projects developed by the students have been able to achieve state, national and international standards. 0 0 0


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