The Wind and the Sun


The Wind and the Sun

The Wind and the Sun

The Wind and the Sun

The Wind and the Sun

(Folk Tale, Abridged)

 One day a quarrel set up between the Wind and the Sun. The wind claimed to be stronger than the Sun. On the other hand, the Sun claimed to be stronger than the wind. For several days they were quarreling over this.

One morning a pedestrian was walking down the road wearing a coat around his body. Seeing this the Wind said to the Sun, ‘’Have you seen the pedestrian?”

The Sun said, “Yes, but what is the matter?”

“Let us see who is more powerful either you or I.”

“How is it possible?” the sun said.

“Look at the pedestrian. He is wearing a coat. If I can get his coat off more quickly than you can, it would mean that I am stronger than you. And if you can get his coat off more quickly than I can, then it would mean that you are stronger than I am.”

“Well,” the sun replied. “I will let you try first,” the Sun said.

The Wind, puffing his cheeks, began to blow and blow and blow…..

The pedestrian said to himself, “How strong and rough the wind is today! It is about to blow away my coat.” Saying so, he held the coat tightly round himself.

The wind began to blow harder. But the pedestrian, feeling cold pulled his coat more tightly.

The wind being failed said to the sun, “Here I have given up. I can’t get the coat off! Show your strength.”

The sun began to shine brightly. After a few minutes, the pedestrian said within himself, “What a fun day! It was so cold and now it is so hot!

The sun shined harder and said to himself, “I will make him feel hotter.”

The man began to sweat. He went under a tree beside the road and took off his coat and sat down to take a rest.

The Wind being defeated in the competition bowed down to the sun and said, “Truly, you are stronger enough.” 0 0 0.

The Wind and the Sun

N. B. The story entitled ‘The Wind and the Sun’ originally belongs to the book entitled ‘Juvenile Stories and Essaysby Menonim Menonimus

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