My Summer Vacation-A Paragraph


My Summer Vacation-A Paragraph

My Summer Vacation-A Paragraph

My Summer Vacation

My Summer Vacation-A Paragraph

Summer’ is synonymous with the holiday because we get a full month off from school during the hottest time of the year. I like summer vacation very much because I can do many interesting things during the vacation. I get enough time during the vacation to develop my hobby and do all the fun activities that I shouldn’t have to do during my school-going days. I do not sleep late because the morning hours are the most productive time of the day. So I wake up early and go for a morning walk with my younger brother to a nearby park. Many other joggers also visit the park. It is refreshing and to go jogging. After returning from the morning walk, I wash my hand and face and sit down to read books. I also do some additional practice in English. I also like to play badminton. So I spend the evening hours with my friends in the playground. I enjoy eating cool salads during the summer. I like to be creative and make salads with raw vegetables like onions, tomatoes and cucumber. Summer is also the time when we can visit interesting places. My parents take my sister and me for fun activities like river rafting. We also go to the house of our grandparents who live in the village and spend a week with them. My grandparents love us and when we meet them, they treat us with a lot of goodness.  Sometimes I read the biographies and autobiographies of world personalities. During my summer vacation, I frequent the public library of our locality. Thus I enjoy my summer vacation doing things on my own accord. 0 0 0

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