My School Library | My School Library Essay

My School Library Essay



My School Library

My School Library | My School Library Essay

My School Library | Essay

The library is a room or building where books on different subjects are kept for study. A library is a necessary condition without which a school can never be a perfect school. Our school has owned a spacious library.

Our school library is adjacent to the Teachers’ Common Room. It is a big room with almost all modern scientific facilities. A senior teacher of our school is in charge of the library. There are some hard and fast rules for managing our library.

There are more than ten thousand books in our library. Besides school books, there are many books on different branches of human knowledge. The school authority provides newspapers, magazines and journals for our study in the library. Books are issued for a period of fifteen days. Our library authority lends five books to poor students at a time. I am a regular reader of our library. I spend my leisure hours in the library reading literary magazines.

Our library has been serving students since its establishment in 1971 and thus it has been exercising its role in disseminating knowledge and wisdom. 0 0 0


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