My Favourite Teacher-A Paragraph


My Favourite Teacher

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My Favourite Teacher

My Favourite Teacher

My Favourite Teacher

I like and honour all the teachers under whose guidance I have gone till today. But among them, as I am asked, I would like to tell about my English teacher Mr Masrur. I have gone under his guidance several times during my student life and found him to be my best and favourite teacher. In support of my liking him best, I have such reasons, as- first, Mr Masrur as a teacher is very ideal for all. All the qualities that a teacher should be had are present in him. He teaches us with much care and attention and makes us question him off and on. He teaches us in different methods that suit the circumstance best. He explains every topic in detail until all the students comprehend his teaching fully. Secondly, he is a man of many books and inspires us to read magazines, journals, newspapers and other books besides textbooks.  Thirdly, he is very generous and kind to all. He often helps poor students with books and money. Fourthly, he is a good player also.  He plays cricket and volleyball and pleases his spectators with satisfactory performances. Fifthly, he is involved in all social work and tries his best to eliminate the unemployment problems, poverty and illiteracy. Sixthly, he is a man of religion also. He prays to God regularly and inspires us to do so.  For all these reasons Mr Masrur is my favourite teacher. I think he is favourite of all who have gone in contact with him.0 0 0

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