My Family | My Family Essay


My Family

My Family| My Family Essay

My Family | My Family Essay

Husband and wife with their children living together are called a Family. Family is the first unit of society. Every man belongs to a family. There are two types of family-Small (Single) Families and Joint Families. In a Joint Family, more than one family of the same clan lives together with parents, brothers and children. I also belong to a family. My father is the head of our family.

Our family is a small family. We are only five members in our family. My parents, I, one younger brother and a sister consist of our family.

We live in a village far from the town. My father is a peasant. He earns our livelihood by exerting hard labour in the field. On my holidays I help my father in the field. We have a small fishery also. My younger brother nurses the pond. My mother is an ideal housewife. She along with my younger sister performs household work and besides this, she cultivates vegetables in the backyard of our house.

I am still a student and am reading in high school. My younger brother and sister are also reading. They are in an M. E. School.

We are not well-to-doing economically. We often fall into poverty. But my mother tackles the family with much tact and patience.

Sometimes my father becomes disheartened and loses hope in life. So he often admonishes us to pursue technical education so as to take to jobs earlier. My aim is to become a journalist. If I can reach my aim, I will serve the country with accurate and impartial news and information and lead the country to a better position.

Though we are poverty-stricken, yet we have been living happily in our small family. 0 0 0

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