Military Training for Students-An Essay


Military Training for Students Essay

Military Training for Students-An Essay

Military Training for Students

Military Training for Students-An Essay

Introduction: In ancient times military training was compulsory in some countries like Greece, Sparta, Rome etc. The Spartans compelled both boys and girls to undergo vigorous military training for some years. Today all civilized countries are trying to train young boys as soldiers by law.

Benefits: Military training builds the body of the nation. Regular parades and camp life affect new vitality in young men, making them strong and fit. They include a sense of discipline which is an integral part of a character. It develops a sense of self-reliance, self-control, and self-respect. A civilized state can remain stable only when it rests on the solid foundation of disciplined people. A country that has given military training to its citizens will not need to bear the cost of maintaining a very large army. In the event of war, civilians would be called upon to join the country’s war forces.

Importance of Military Training: Military training is essential for the students of a country. Without national defence, freedom is always in peril. Therefore, to protect itself from foreign invasion, a country should have strong land, air and naval forces. Winning freedom is not enough, but preserving it and keeping it working is a difficult task. It is a reasonable demand that the state should provide military training to all able men and women. According to the long tradition, India is a peaceful land and opposes all forms of oppression and aggression. The demand for military training overcomes the concern of protecting the country from internal disorders and external aggression. It is the duty of all to protect the honour of their motherland. It is wise to be prepared for all the sad turn of events.

Steps Taken: National Cadet Corps has been started in various provinces to provide military training for boys and girls. Joining the Corps is a voluntary task but here is a great chance for our boys and girls to receive serious military training.

Conclusion: It is expected that the government is considering the question of including military training within the curriculum. We should welcome this because we need a life of discipline, orderliness and obedience and only compulsory military training can instill these good qualities in students. 0 0 0

Military Training for Students-An Essay

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Military Training for Students-An Essay

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Military Training for Students-An Essay

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