Indraching Deori-Brief Life Sketch


Indraching Deori-Brief Life Sketch

Indraching Deori-Brief Life Sketch

Indraching Deori

Indraching Deori-Brief Life Sketch

Indraching Deori was a lifelong social worker, writer, organizer, social reformer, lyricist, composer and prudent politician who fought for the awakening of national consciousness among the Tiwa people. He was born in 1932 in the village of Rangkhaipar in the Karbi Anglong district. His father’s name was Mulching Poma and his mother’s name was Mama Amvachi. He started his education at Baulagog Primary School in Karbi Anglong District in 1939 and read up to Class VIII and made an end to his formal education because of financial difficulties. In 1949, he joined the Indian Revolutionary Communist Party. Then he joined the Animal Husbandry Department in 1951 as a precaution against the economic condition of the family. However, he resigned from the job in 1953 at Tura in Garo Pahar district due to his sense of responsibility toward the nation.

To drive away the prejudice and blind faiths from the Tiwa community along with spreading modern education he gave birth to a social institute called ‘Tiwacha Mission’ in 1960. He composed the popular Tiwa song ‘O’ Tiwa, O’ Tiwa Cheran Chaba’. He also established an organization called ‘Lalung Darbar’ in 1967.

Indraching Deuri was elected to the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council for the first time as an ordinary member in 1976 and was later appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Council. In the 1981 general election of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council, he was elected as a non-partisan candidate from the Amvari constituency and later on he was elected as its president.

Indraching Deori also wrote many songs and poems and enriched the godown of Tiwa literature. 

Indraching Deuri was a stalwart patron of Tiwa national life. He was an organizer, social activist, social reformer, writer, lyricist, composer and prudent politician. This is why the hill tribes called Indraching Deuri ‘Fa Parai’ (Father of the Nation). He passed away on August 20, 1994. 0 0 0


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