Hypallage Meaning, Definition, Illustration


Hypallage Meaning, Definition, Illustration

Hypallage Meaning

Hypallage Meaning, Definition, Illustration

Hypallage Meaning, Definition, Illustration

‘Hypallage’ is a Greek word that means ‘interchange’. This figure consists in the transference of an adjective or adverb from the word to which it properly belongs to another. Example:

Rajesh was weary of the ‘sleepless’ night.

In this sentence, the adjective ‘sleepless’ belongs to Rajesh who could not sleep in the night but it is transferred from ‘Rajesh’ to ‘night’.

More Examples:

  1. I live a ‘busy’ life.
  2. They were walking fifteen ‘weary’ miles.
  3. Let us speak our ‘free’ hearts to each other.
  4. Some ‘glorious’ days await him. 0 0 0.

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