Good Manners-An Essay


Good Manners

Good Manners

Good Manners

Good Manners-An Essay

‘Manner’ refers to a person’s outward way of behaving towards others. Again ‘ Good Manners’ refers to manners that are polite, just and morally correct.  Good manners are reflected in how we conduct ourselves in our daily life. We can also show good manners at home, at school, on the playground, and in any other place, whether we are travelling on a bus or flight, or enjoying an excursion or vacation.

Our parents and teachers help us to develop good manners. It is best to learn good manners in childhood. If we have good manners, we are appreciated and loved by our family, teachers, classmates and friends.

Respecting elders is good manners. It is also good behaviour to show courtesy to our elders. We show good manners by what we speak and the way we complain. Our body language can also reflect good manners. If we are polite our words should also be polite.

Good manners don’t support rude, profane and egoistic behaviour. We can show humility when we speak using sweet language. Speaking slowly and mildly is a feature of good manners. On the other hand, speaking loudly and being rude is bad manners. It is good that we say thanks to those who help in our need. Likewise, it is humility to justify forgiveness.

Being polite and considerate is good behaviour. For example, closing a door on a person’s face is a bad thing.  Being considerate towards the sick and physically disabled is good behaviour.

Our manners express our personality. If our manner is good then our personality is said to be good. Good manners also consist of speaking the truth and being honest. Because without the qualities of truthfulness and honesty, our dealings with others would be fake and artificial.

Good manners can make our social life more and more fine, peaceful, brotherly and cooperative. Therefore we should practise the habit of good manners from our childhood and the parents should give emphasis on inculcating good manners in their children. 0 0 0

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