Perseverance-An Essay


Perseverance-An Essay

Perseverance-An Essay


Perseverance-An Essay

Introduction: Perseverance is the habit of working patiently, in spite of some failures, till the work is accomplished. We start the work and fall down doing it once, twice, or thrice. But if we are still trying until the work is finished it is called perseverance.

Utility: All properties depend on one attribute of persistence. It never fails to bring us success. This is the secret to success. No great work can be done without perseverance. The world is full of dangers and difficulties. Perseverance can only overcome them. If we get frustrated with failure then we can never achieve success in life. All great actions are the result of perseverance. Perseverance helps us to increase our superiority. Men of perseverance have done all the discoveries and inventions of the world.

Men of Perseverance: A man of perseverance does not care about failure or difficulties. He never loses heart but completes his work patiently and carefully until it is completed. He fails but tries again. His success is sure. He knows that failure is the basis of success and that no great work can be done in a day. His patience is never lost and in the end, he is crowned with success. All the great men of the world were men of perseverance.

Without perseverance, no person can do anything big. He starts the work but leaves it unfinished, for want of patience. He has no strong will and therefore cannot do anything for a long time. He is afraid of the outcome that he cannot do any great work. Men fail because they do not stand firm in overcoming hardship.

Examples: The life of great men shows us the value of perseverance. Napoleon came to power on the basis of tenacity. The story of Robert Bruce and Spider for the independence of his country is a popular example of perseverance. His perseverance, after all, brought him grand success. He succeeded in his seventh attempt. Columbus was a man of perseverance and so he could discover America and immortalize his name. The lives of great men show that perseverance was at the core of their success.

Conclusion: No great work can be done without perseverance. If we want to do great things, we must learn to persevere. We should not care about difficulties or failure. If we try we will be successful in the end. 0 0 0

Perseverance-An Essay

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