Doctor-An Essay


Doctor-An Essay

Doctor-An Essay


Doctor-An Essay

A doctor is a person who is qualified and trained to treat ill people. In other words, to say, a doctor is a qualified and trained medical professional who can diagnose and treat various health conditions of people. In our everyday life, we need the help of a doctor.

The doctors render the noble service of curing sick and injured persons.  The doctor’s work can mean the difference between life and death for a person. Doctors work in clinics and hospitals and sometimes medical camps are also organized where the doctors render their services free of cost.

Some doctors get specialized in a particular disease. Specialists can treat diseases of particular parts of the human body. For example, an orthopaedician is a specialist in the branch of human bones and treats bone diseases. Likewise, an ophthalmologist treats eye diseases. Similarly, an ENT specialist treats the conditions of the ears, nose and throat. Likewise, a diabetologist treats those people who suffer from diabetes. There are also surgeons who conduct surgeries on patients to cure and repair certain parts of human limbs.

A doctor’s service to the human being is so great and noble that he can give life to a moribund patient. Some people regard doctors to be next to God. We should show sincere respect to the doctors. 0 0 0

Doctor-An Essay

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