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Global Warming Essay

Global Warming Essay

Global Warming Essay


‘Global Warming’ is the increase in the temperature of the atmosphere as well as the surface of the earth due to irrational human activities. Global warming appears as a serious problem today. It is adversely affecting the environment and threatening the survival of all living beings.

Factors of Global Warming

There are some factors of global warming. But among them, the increase in carbon dioxide is a prominent one. It absorbs the heat and the surface temperature of the earth rises. Besides this, smoke emitted from motor vehicles, factories, and industries increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and causes global warming. Ozone gas in the atmosphere also absorbs infrared rays from the Sun and increases global warming.

How Global Warming Affects Our Environment

Global warming is affecting the natural temperature of the earth in several ways, such as-

Global warming is causing the melting of huge ice sheets in the Polar Regions. As a result, many islands in the seas and oceans, including Bangladesh, Myanmar, and New Zealand, will be merged under the sea in near future.

Global warming is also changing the Earth’s climate. Climate change causes much rainfall in some places and desertification in others due to drought.

Scientists have predicted that global warming would affect human health also and it would increase the rate of mortality.

Food crop production will also decrease. As a result, mankind will face a food crisis.

Do we want to leave behind us a scorched world full of deserts, filled with no crops on it, and forests with no trees? Would we like our progeny with no food and in ill health? Truly none of us want it. Then we must take immediate measures to control global warming.

Measures to Control the Global Warming

For controlling Global Warming we can take the following measures:

First, to increase the amount of oxygen and rainfall in the atmosphere, more trees must be planted and the amount of forest area must be increased.

Second, the use of smoke-emitting vehicles must be reduced or environmental-friendly alternative fuels must be invented.

Thirdly, the use of industries and factories must be limited.

Fourthly, nuclear explosions must be stopped.

Besides these, the production of nitrous oxide should be reduced by stopping the application of chemical fertilizers in agriculture. People should be made aware of the use of organic fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers.


Global warming is not a problem in a particular region or a particular country. It is a problem of the whole world, of the whole human race. Therefore, every person in the world must be environment-conscious and the countries of the world must come together and take immediate measures to prevent it. Otherwise, the existence of mankind would come to an end. 0 0 0.

Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming Essay

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