Flood in Assam | Great Flood in Assam Essay

Great Flood


Flood in Assam | Great Flood in Assam Essay

Flood in Assam Great Flood in Assam Essay

Flood in Assam | Great Flood in Assam Essay

Introduction: The overflowing of water beyond what is usual is called Flood. Among the Indian states, Assam is one of the most flood-prone states. From time immemorial Assam has been being affected pathetically by floods. It is a spontaneous natural calamity of the state.

Causes of Flood: Many resources are responsible for the flood in Assam. 

First, the heavy rain caused by the Monsoon may be called the main cause of floods in Assam.

Secondly, Assam is a land of hills and mountains, rivers, and rivulets. In the Summer Season, the snows in the mountains, especially in the Himalayas, melt and provide overwater to the Brahmaputra and its tributaries.

Thirdly, the defective system of embankment and drainage and the roads with inadequate bridges and culverts in Assam also cause a flood.

Bad Effects: The effects of floods in Assam are far-reaching. It destroys crops, ponds, orchards and thousands of houses. It damages roads, bridges, and railways causing disruption to transport and communication. As a result, it makes the people of Assam suffer indescribable miseries.

Relief Measures: Flood affects the people of Assam every year and every year relief measures are taken both by the Government and voluntary organizations. But such measures are like a single chilli in a basketful of cabbage. The slight relief given by the Government does not get at the affected public; instead, it goes to the selfish belly of the corrupted officials.

Attempts to Control Flood: To control the monstrous flood in Assam the Government must take some permanent measures, as-

First, the mighty Brahmaputra must be dammed scientifically so that its water resources can be utilized for other works.

Secondly, the embankments must be constructed scientifically and very strongly so that floods may not flow into the fields.

Thirdly, natural outlets should be improved. The building of dams and water reservoirs may also help in controlling the flood. 

Conclusion: If the flow of water which causes a great flood in Assam can be controlled, then Assam will contribute much to the economy of India and then Assam would smile upon the world as a healthful region of the earth. 0 0 0

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