Journey by Train | Journey by Train Essay


Journey by Train Essay

 Journey by Train Essay

Journey by Train

Journey by Train Essay

Introduction: A journey either by boat or train is always exciting for me.  I have several experiences of the journey by buses and boats but one experience of the journey by train which has been taken recently from Guwahati to New Delhi.

Occasion and Preparation: One of my cousins is an employee of a multinational company. He works in Delhi. During my last Summer Vacation, I received an invitation from my cousin to visit him and without making any delay, took the chance of it. I took Raja, one of my bosom friends as my companion.

Description of the Journey: We started our journey from Guwahati on the 1st of June of the last year. We had our reservations in the first-class compartment by the Rajdhani Express. For the first time in my life, I was travelling beyond Assam and it gave a kind of thrill of awe and joy from the start of the journey.

As it was an express train it made stops only at important stations.  After running for two and a half hours, it reached Bongaigaon and there two passengers boarded the compartment and they became friendly with us.  We came to know that they were students of Guwahati Medical College and they had to take the journey from Bongaigaon to Howrah.  From their conversation, we came to know many things about Calcutta as they had been there several times. After running for about ten hours it reached Howrah and there they got off the train.

In our compartment, there was a jawan of the Indian Army who had been on the way to join his company. We had a series of conversations with him from which I got a pre-knowledge of Delhi.  The train began to cross the stations one after the other. Through the window, we saw the outside world moving quickly behind us. After about twenty-four hours of our journey the train reached Delhi. We got off the train with tired bodies and minds. My cousin suddenly appeared before us and received us affectionately. He took us directly to his quarter.

We stayed there for about two weeks and during our stay, he took us around the whole of Delhi. We enjoyed The Tajmahal, The Qutub Miner, the Red fort and so many other historical monuments of the Mughal Emperors.

Conclusion: Thus, the train journey was very exciting and pleasant for us. I learned many new and new things about people and places.  Thus this journey which was my first train journey remains still a thrill of joy for me. 0 0 0

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