Eve-Brief Life Sketch


Eve-Brief Life Sketch

Eve-Brief Life Sketch


Eve-Brief Life Sketch

Eve (Hawa) was the first woman created by God as described in the ‘Koran’ and in the ‘Old Testament of the Bible’. Therefore, she is recognized as the mother of the human race. In Hebrew, the name means “Mother of all lives.” After the creation of the first man (Adam), God created Eve from Adam’s ribs to be his companion. At first sight, Adam was attracted to Eve’s beauty and accepted her as his maid. Eve is also mentioned in the Jewish scripture. In Arabic and Hebrew Eve is named as ‘Hawa’. According to the Biblical Genesis section, Eve ate the forbidden fruit in heaven at the instigation of Satan, and after Eve’s persuasion, Adam also ate the forbidden fruit and for this sin, God threw both of them into the earth. The emergence of various vices in human nature is said to be the result of eating that forbidden fruit.  0 0 0


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