Durga Puja | Durga Puja Essay


Durga Puja | Durga Puja Essay

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 Durga Puja Essay

Durga Puja

Durga Puja

The Durga Puja is the grandest and most pompous festival of all the Hindu festivals. It is observed in the season of autumn. The Durga Puja symbolizes victory over evil powers.

In Hindu Mythology, Sri Durga is represented as a Divine Mother who is believed to come down the earth with the blessing of power and help to all. Durga is said to have ten hands with weapons in all the hands and offers herself to save her devotees from the forces of evil. Buffalo is her chariot and she comes down sitting on it. She has two sons with her on both sides Kartik the General and Ganesh the visible embodiment of wisdom and success. She brings also her two daughters- Lakshmi and Saraswati. Lakshmi is said to be the Goddess of Fortune and Wealth and Saraswati is the Goddess of Learning.

The Indians, especially the Hindus all over the world worship Goddess Durga in memory of the victorious forces of good over those of evil. The worship is held in the season of autumn and hence it is also called Autumnal Festival. It is celebrated with great pomp and splendour. The festival is based on Ram’s worship of Durga for overcoming the powerful Demon-king Ravana of Lanka.

The worship of Durga lasts for four days. The first day’s ceremony is called Bhodan (invocation). The puja proper begins on the 7th day of the moon and lasts till the end of the 9th day when Ravana is said to have fallen. 

During those days verses from Chandi are recited. The offering of fine rice, fresh fruits and sweet-meats and flowers are offered to the Goddess. After each puja, edible things are distributed as Prasad among all. The Arati (offering of Light) is held every evening.

On the Vijaya Dashami, the tenth day of the moon, the worshippers bid farewell to the goddess. The image is led through some pompous procession and in the evening it is taken to the neighbouring river for immersion. 

Nowadays the Durga Puja has become the universal festival of Hindus all over the world. In India, all Indians irrespective of caste and creed take part in the festival. It is not only a festival but an integral part of Indian culture and a means of love and brotherhood. It makes us forget the differences among us and unite us with the bond of fraternity. 0 0 0

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