Discipline | Discipline Essay

Discipline Essay



Discipline Discipline Essay

Discipline | Discipline Essay

Discipline Essay

Discipline is training to act according to some rules and regulations. It implies complete obedience to the order of an authority. Discipline is a must in every walk of life.

The training of discipline begins at home. Every member of a family must obey the head of the family to maintain peace, order and happiness. 

In school, discipline is of great importance. The students must obey their teachers and the rules and regulations of the school. Otherwise, no education is possible. 

In the playground, every player must obey the captain. The players must maintain certain rules and regulations imposed upon them by the authority. If anybody disobeys the order of the captain then success is impossible.

Nowhere is discipline as necessary as in the army. An army without discipline is no army, but a disorderly crowd. “Do or die”- is the motto in the army. The soldiers must obey the commands of their commanders without any objection.

Discipline is the key to success in every walk of life. It is the root of all other virtues that adorn human life. 0 0 0

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