Cardamom | Indian Cardamom


Cardamom | Indian Cardamom

Indian Cardamom

Cardamom Indian Cardamom

Cardamom | Indian Cardamom

Cardamom, the queen of all spices, has a history as old as mankind. It is the dry fruit of a herbaceous perennial plant. The warm humid climate, loamy soil rich in organic matter, distributed rainfall, and special cultivation and processing methods make Indian cardamom unique in aroma, flavour, shape and parrot green colour.

Two types of cardamom are produced in India. The first type is large, which is not of much importance as it is not traded in the market. It is cultivated in the north-eastern region of the country. The second type is produced in the southern states and traded in the market. They are mainly cultivated in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. As per the market rules, earlier only 7mm quality was traded on the exchanges. But later it relaxed its norms and now 6 mm quality is traded in the exchanges.

Cardamom is the costliest spice after saffron. Indian cardamom is known in two main varieties: Malabar cardamom and Mysore cardamom. The Mysore variety has leaves of cineole, and limonene and hence more aromatic. India being the world’s largest producer and exporter has emerged as a major producer and exporter of cardamom.

The main cropping season for cardamom in India is between August-February. Cardamom reaches the yield stage two years after planting. The primary physical markets for cardamom are Kumily Vandenmodu, Jekkady, Puliyarmala in Kerala and Bodinikore and Kumbum in Tamil Nadu.

Kerala is the main producer of cardamom and contributes up to 60% of the total production. Karnataka produces about 25% of the total production of cardamom. Ooty is the main producer of cardamom in Tamil Nadu and contributes about 10-15% of the total production. Apart from India, Guatemala also produces around 1,000-2,000 tonnes of cardamom per year. Due to the low quality of Guatemalan cardamom, it is available at cheap rates. 0 0 0.


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