Archimedes-Brief Life Sketch


Archimedes-Brief Life Sketch

Archimedes-Brief Life Sketch

Archimedes-Brief Life Sketch

Archimedes was an ancient Greek mathematician and scientist. In ancient Greece, he was the first to promote science as a medium of experimentation. This principle has been followed by all the scientists of the world.

The details of the life of Archimedes, who was born almost two thousand years ago, are not known. A partial account of his life has been searched out from the writings of ancient historians. He was born around 280-290 BC in the small kingdom of Syracuse, Greece. His father Furus was an astronomer. Archimedes, the son of an aristocratic family, was educated in Alexandria. From an early age, Archimedes had a keen interest in science. Once Hiero, the king of Syracuse sought refuge in Alexandria with Archimedes. He also tried his best to help the king.

King Hiero made a gold crown. But when he suddenly suspected that the crown was not made of pure gold, so he sent for Archimedes to justify it. He listened to the king, but could not decide whether the crown was not made of pure gold or not. Day and night Archimedes began to think about the crown.

One evening, with the thought of the crown in his mind, Archimedes went to bathe in a bowl and when he got down the bowl, he saw that the water splashed around him and some water from the bowl had fallen out of the bowl. After thinking for a while, he realized that if an object is immersed in water or any other liquid, the object removes some of the liquid and loses some of its weight. The weight lost by the object is equal to the amount of liquid it removes. This formula (law) is called the ‘Law of Archimedes’

The significance and dignity of this formula remain intact even after thousands of years. Needless to say, using this formula, he easily determined the purity of the king’s crown.

Archimedes spent his entire life in royal favour. This scientist was a favourite of the king. He defended the kingdom of Syracuse from the Romans for about three years. One night the Romans occupied the state of Syracuse. Although the Romans were hostile to Syracuse, the Roman general Marcellus had a special fondness for Archimedes. So he sent troops to bring him. But the ignorant soldiers killed him without knowing his identity. Marcellus paid homage to the body of Archimedes by arranging a grand funeral for him. 0 0 0


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