The Ungrateful Cat


The Ungrateful Cat

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The Ungrateful Cat

The Ungrateful Cat

The Ungrateful Cat

Once there was a village near a forest. A wild cat often came to a peasant’s house at night and ate away all the food staff of the house. One day the host got very angry and set up a cage to catch the cat.  At night the cat came into the kitchen and was caught in the cage. He began to mew for help. A mouse heard the mewing of the cat and came running.

The cat said to the mouse, “O sister! Please press back the spring and set me free.”

“No, I can’t. You will eat me,” said the mouse.

Why, do you doubt me? Your grandfather and my grandfather were friends for long. In this respect, we are brother and sister-in-law. I promise I would not eat you.”

Being enticed by the sweet words of the cat, the mouse pressed back the spring and the cat came out. As soon as the cat came out he caught the mouse in the paws and wanted to eat it.

The little mouse squeaked and said, “Brother, you promised not to eat me.”

“You were foolish to believe me,” said the cat.

The mouse squeaked again in fear.

A wolf heard the squeaks of the mouse and came running there.

“What is the matter?” he asked.

The mouse told all that had happened.

The wolf appreciated what had happened. But the wolf was a very clever one. He said to the cat, “I don’t believe of what the mouse says. Cat, please tell me the true story.”

Then the cat told that he was caught in the cage.

“I hardly believe your story. You are intelligent enough to avoid a cage,” said the wolf.

The cat said, “Yes, uncle! I am intelligent enough no doubt but accidentally, I got caught in the cage.”

“Can you show me, how you entered the cage?’’ Asked the wolf.

“Why not? There was a fried piece of fish in the cage. I pushed my head against the opening of the cage and then I got caught in it,” said the cat.

“Can you show me, how you pushed the opening and entered the cage?” the wolf asked.

“Yes. Look at….” Saying so the cat pushed its head again and got into the cage and said, “See, I was in the cage like this and the mouse came running by.”

“I see now. It is fine that you have told the truth,” the wolf said.

Then the wolf gestured to the mouse to fix the door with the spring- bolt.

The mouse instantly did so.

The wolf said, “Farewell nephew. This time the mouse will not set you free. Learn that it is very bad to be ungrateful.” 0 0 0.

The Ungrateful Cat

N. B. The story entitled ‘The Ungrateful Cat’ originally belongs to the book entitled ‘Juvenile Stories and Essaysby Menonim Menonimus.

The Ungrateful Cat

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