Gopinath Bordoloi-His Generosity


Gopinath Bordoloi-His Generosity

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Gopinath Bordoloi-His Generosity

Gopinath Bordoloi-His Generosity

Gopinath Bordoloi-His Generosity

Bipul is a beggar. He is also ill for some weeks. He can’t work for physical infirmity. In this world, he has none –neither father nor mother, neither brother nor sister. His kith and kin also avoid him.  For some days he feels so weak that he can hardly walk on. He feels extremely hungry as he is without food for the last two days. At last, he comes out of his hut and walks on.

To quench his hunger he goes from door to door but that day his luck was bad. No one was willing to give him food.

He keeps on walking and at last arrives at the outer courtyard of a seemingly good home. He thinks and says to himself, “Here I may meet my luck. This household seems well off.”

He, feeling weak and tired sits down on the ground and takes some rest. Then with a feeble tone he utters, “Hello, who is at home? Please come out.”

The host of the house was taking bath. Hearing the unfamiliar voice, he comes out with haste and meets the beggar.

“Who are you?” the host asks him.

The beggar replies, “Father, I am a beggar. For two days I am hungry. None has shown me kindness. Please, give me some food.”

Then the host, asking the beggar to wait for a little, goes to the inner courtyard and asks his wife, “Have you heard? Is there some food?”

The hostess said, “There is no more food except yours.”

Then the host goes to the kitchen straight and brings out the plate of food which was kept for himself.

The beggar eats the food staff with much contentment and leaves the home praying to God for the well-being of the host.

The host who gave his share of food to the beggar was none but the first Chief Minister of Assam, Sri Gopinath Bordoloi. He contributed much to the well-being of the people of Assam. For his benevolent deeds, he became so popular among the people of Assam that he was bestowed with the title of ‘Lokpriya’ Gopinath Bordoloi. We may learn a lesson of kindness from his life. 0 0 0.

Gopinath Bordoloi-His Generosity

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