Father and Daughter: A Conversation


Father and Daughter: A Conversation

Father and Daughter A Conversation

Father and Daughter A Conversation

Father and Daughter: A Conversation

Daughter: Good morning, Papa.

Father: Good morning, child. What is the time?

Daughter: It’s half past seven.

Father: Please get me the newspaper.

Daughter: I will just get it.

Father: Where is your mother?

Daughter: She is in the kitchen.

Father: What is the special dish today?

Daughter: Fruits, milk, and bread.

Father: Oh, these are my favourite dishes.

Daughter: That is why mother has made them today.

Father: Then I shall get ready soon.

Daughter: Do you remember your promise, Papa?

Father: Which promise?

Daughter: Today is a holiday. So you have to take us all to the zoo.

Father: No dear. I am busy today.

Daughter: But father, I have invited my friends also.

Father: At what time will they come?

Daughter: At 1 A. M.

Father: All right I will try to finish my work by 1 o’clock.

Daughter: Thank you very much, Papa. You are always very nice.

Father: Where is your younger brother, Ripon?

Daughter: He has gone to invite his friends.

Father: Will he also accompany us?

Daughter: Yes Papa.

Father: Have you spoken to your mother regarding today’s program?

Daughter: Yes Pap! She has also agreed to go with us.

Father: Then go and make the necessary arrangements. We will start at 1.30 P. M.

Daughter   : O.K. Papa. 0 0 0.

Father and Daughter A Conversation

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