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Birbal and Akbar
Birbal, Birbal’s Story

Birbal | Birbal and Akbar

Have you ever heard of Birbal? He was a minister in the royal court of Akbar, the third Mughal Emperor.  He had so an ingenious mind that he could invent ways of solving any puzzle.  Birbal’s presence gave entertainment to the court. Akbar loved him much for his humourous but wise talks and deeds. Many times he helped the king in solving out big problems faced by the king.

One day the king called in all his ministers including Birbal. When all of his ministers arrived at the court then the king drew a line on the floor and ordered his ministers, “Make this line shorter without rubbing out any part of it.”

No one knew what to do. Every minister looked at the line and was puzzled. No one could think of any way to make it shorter without cutting off a part of the line.

All the ministers, except Birbal, looked at each other and said, “Impossible, impossible! It is impossible to make the line shorter without erasing off   any part of it.”

Birbal who was sitting at a corner of the court,  at last, stood up from his seat, came up to the spot of the line and drew a longer line under the line drawn by the king and said, “My Lord, look, your line is shorter than this.”

Everyone in the court looked at the line and became dumb in shame. Truly the line drawn by the king was shorter than the line drawn by Birbal.

The king thanked and praised Birbal with a precious gift. 0 0 0.

Birbal, Birbal’s Story

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Birbal Birbal and Akbar

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