Sri Aurobindo Transformation | A Critical Analysis


Sri Aurobindo Transformation | A Critical Analysis


Sri Aurobindo Transformation | A Critical Analysis

Sri Aurobindo Transformation

Sri Aurobindo Transformation | A Critical Analysis

Like many other poems of Sri Aurobindo, this present poem entitled ‘Transformation’ is also a mystic poem through which the poet has shown the union of his soul with the Divine soul. The title word ‘Transformation’ means the change of the form or substance (here refers to the change of the poet’s heart from mortal to immortal shape).

First, the poet says that the poet’s ‘breath’ (that means his life ) is like a stream and all his limbs are filled up with the divine spirit. His heart is devoted to spiritual thought and he is mad of spiritual lofty thought as a drunkard is of wine. The world for him is a stage and his days on the earth are a drama that he has been playing since his birth. All his limbs are illumined by God’s spirit and this spirit has changed his nerves and made a channel to communicate with the Divine soul and thus his heart fills up with excessive joy not earthly but divine.

Secondly, the poet says that as his heart is spiritually uplifted so is his soul, It is now not a slave to his flesh. Instead, his soul is the slave to nature or the Divine soul and now he is being guided not by his desire but by spiritual thought. The poet’s body and flesh are caught by the Divine Soul. His heart is widened to infinite. The poet believes that his soul arrives at immortality. The Divine soul has entered his heart and hence his soul itself becomes a source of light.

The mystic thought expressed in the poem is the highest stage of spiritual thought. But mysticism is not possible to be perceived by all. Only a heart full of piety can perceive it by means of meditation on God and the poet has succeeded in perceiving it fully.

The language of the poem ‘Transformation’ is simple. It has some poetic phrases as – illumined cells (for spiritually lofty limbs); the unknown and the supreme (for God); god’s happy living tools (human body) etc. 0 0 0

Sri Aurobindo Transformation

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