Nizamat Jung Soul-Weariness | A Critical Analysis


Nizamat Jung Soul-Weariness | A Critical Analysis

Nizamat Jung's Poem 'Soul-Weariness' A Critical Analysis

Nizamat Jung Soul-Weariness

Nizamat Jung Soul-Weariness | A Critical Analysis

‘Soul–Wearinees’ is a mystic poem by Nizamat Jung through which the poet communicates with the soul of God through the medium of nature. In it, he shows the unity of the human soul, the soul of Nature and the Divine soul.

The poet, being weary of human society and of the five senses, comes out of his chamber and gazes at the heavens (sky) at night and tries to seek the Divine soul. He wants to seek life’s essence (soul) in all things of nature. The poet says:

”O for a feeling of Infinity 

That I, a fragment sundered and afar, 

May feel Life’s essence in all things ……………. 

But signs and symbols of Thy Deity.” 

After this the poet Nizamat Jung prays to God to give him the power to see ) and more prays to strengthen his faith in God so that the poet’s heart cannot deviate from spiritual thought to the pressure of the senses. He prays to God to guide the poet to heaven protecting him from the trammels of senses.

From the above analysis of the poem ‘Soul–Wearinees’, it seems, like his other mystics poems, that the poet is weary of worldly life and hence he takes shelter on spiritual thought to drive away his weariness. 0 0 0

Nizamat Jung Soul-Weariness

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