My Hobby | My Hobby Essay



My Hobby My Hobby Essay

My Hobby|My Hobby Essay

My Hobby Essay

Hobby means one’s leisure time favourite activity. It is a means to divert our mind from humdrum daily life. Hobby differs from person to person. I have also a hobby and it is gardening.

I am a lover of trees. So I have chosen gardening as my hobby. We have a spacious outer courtyard. I have divided the courtyard into four parts. I have planted some wood trees around the north side of the plot. In the front part of the plot, I plant various kinds of seasonal flowers. In the second part, I plant vegetables and in the third part, I plant and nurse young trees.

Every evening, after coming back from school, I spend about an hour nursing and watching my garden. My younger sister helps me often. My garden provides us with the necessary vegetables for us. We sell surplus production in the market and thus we earn some extra money. 

Every morning I take a walk in the garden.  When I see the bloomed flowers dancing in the wind, my heart leaps up with joy. Thus gardening is my best means of recreation. I wish that everybody should take up gardening as a hobby. 0 0 0

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