Malnutrition | Malnutrition Essay


Malnutrition | Malnutrition Essay


Malnutrition Essay


Malnutrition | Malnutrition Essay

Infection and trauma have been major causes of death throughout human history. Modern medicine has won significant victories against both, and the leading causes of poor health and death are now chronic degenerative diseases, such as coronary artery disease, arthritis, cataracts, and cancer. These have a long latency period before symptoms appear and a diagnosis is made. It follows that the vast majority of apparently healthy people are pre-sick.

Several national surveys show that malnutrition is common in developed countries. It’s not the calorie or micronutrient deficiencies associated with developing countries; but a deficiency of several micronutrients, usually combined with caloric imbalance or excess. The incidence and severity of type B malnutrition would appear to be worse if new micronutrient groups such as essential fatty acids and flavonoids were included in the survey.

However, the pharmaceutical model has also created an unhealthy dependency culture in which few of us accept responsibility for maintaining our health. Instead, we have delegated this responsibility to health professionals who know little about health maintenance or disease prevention.

Based on pharmaceutical thinking, most intervention studies have attempted to measure the effect of a single micronutrient on disease occurrence. The classical approach says that if you give a compound formula to test subjects and get a positive result, you can’t know which component is providing the benefit, so you need to test each component separately. 

So do we need to analyze the nutritional status of each individual and design a formula specifically for that? While we do not have the resources to analyze millions of individual cases. There is no need to do this. Most people are consuming small amounts of micronutrients, and most of the micronutrients concerned are very safe. Accordingly, a comprehensive and universal program of micronutrient support is perhaps the most cost-effective and safest way to improve the nation’s general health. 0 0 0.

Malnutrition | Malnutrition Essay

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