Flying Bridge | A Juvenile Story


Flying Bridge | A Juvenile Story

Flying Bridge

Flying Bridge

Flying Bridge

Yesterday was Sunday. Sunday is our weekly holiday. We enjoy full freedom on Sundays.  We play cricket, ha-do-do and football and run in the open fields. Yesterday I did nothing but made a kite with the finest colouring paper on the market. When I completed the making of the kite, it looked like a bride. Hence I named it Flying Bride. The making of the kite took me half a day.

In the afternoon I took my Flying Bride to the fair. There was a huge gathering of people in the fair. Everybody seemed to be in a happy and jolly mood. The boys and girls of my age were enjoying a merry-go-round on wooden horses.

There I met Rabbi, one of my closest classmates. I was glad to meet him. I found him flying a kite at the west corner of the vast field. He called his kite Blue Angel.

I took my Flying Bride there and soon a competition of flying kites began. The east wind was blowing gently. My Flying Bride began to soar high.

A rivalry between my kite and that of Rabbi began.  When my kite surpassed Rabbi’s Blue Angel in flying higher, I became overjoyed and said, “Hey Rabbi, look, my kite has surpassed yours.”

After some time, Rabbis’ Blue Angel began to fly higher than that of mine. Then out of joy, Rabbi made a loud cry and said, “O look at, my Angle has overcome yours.”

Thus we enjoyed flying kites for an hour. The speed of the wind was on increase. Suddenly my Flying Bride made a downward movement and struck with the thread of that of Rabbi. After some time the thread of my kite tore off at the middle high. The wind began to carry my bride up and away, up and away, up and away. The boys and girls who were enjoying the competition broke into sudden loud shrieks with fun.

I lost my kite. But I am happy that my Flying Bride had reached heaven. 0 0 0.

Flying Bridge

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Flying Bridge

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